**We cannot accept returns that have not been authorized by York Biomedical**

The 30 day satisfaction guarantee states that if you purchased the product directly from us for delivery in the US, then for the first 30 days after the original shipment date of your order.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase and you have not damaged the product through neglect or misuse, then you may contact Customer Support at info(@)yorkbiomedical.net to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions.  Once the product has been returned to us and has been ascertained to be complete (including the original product box, with the unit in its original packing materials) and undamaged, your purchase price, less shipping and handling, will be refunded to you.  We do not refund any shipping costs, and we may have to charge you extra if your original shipment costs were greater than our invoiced amount.  Note that if the product is defective, you may either request a refund or an exchange-or-repair-based replacement (per our 30 day warranty).  Always contact the factory first to verify that the satisfaction guarantee applies and to obtain the RMA number.  We cannot guarantee that we will accept returns that have not been authorized by us.  This guarantee is not available with volume or special order purchases or for sales or shipments outside of the US, and is limited to one refund per customer.  If you return a unit for refund without obtaining an RMA first, there will be no refund given and the unit will not be returned to the customer.

No refunds will be given after 30 days from original order date.

The 90 day manufacturer’s warranty states that, if the product fails in normal use (with no abuse) within the first 90 days of ownership, then we will repair or replace it (at our option) at no charge to you except for your cost of shipping it to us.  Foreign orders must pay shipping, handling, and any import or export related expenses for shipping the defective unit back to us.  For most USA and Foreign orders, there are no shipping charges for the shipment of the repaired product to the customer on warranted product repairs if ground shipping is selected.  Please contact Customer Service to obtain a return authorization number and shipping instructions, and to determine if this warranty applies to your case.  Always contact the factory first to verify that the warranty applies and to the RMA number.  We cannot accept returns that have not been authorized by York Biomedical.