Frequently Asked Questions


My Back-Tek shuts off before the forty-five minute timer is up what should I do?
If your Back-Tek is turning off prematurely, this indicates either an over-temp condition has occurred, or that the battery charge is too low for proper operation.  You can wait a few minutes and try it again.  If it turns off again, try charging the battery.  If it continues to shut-off prematurely even with a fully charged battery, discontinue use and contact the manufacturer.


Is my Back-Tek safe for anyone to use?

Your Back-Tek has been designed with safety in mind.  FIR is a safe heat source with no skin burns or tissue damage.  In addition, the unit is designed to turn off if it detects an over-temp condition.  However, as with any medical condition, anyone using the Back-Tek to treat a medical condition should first consult their doctor.


I lost my charger.  I have a similar charger that I use for a different product that looks like the one that came with my Back-Tek.  The connector is even the same.  Can I use it to charge the battery for my Back-Tek?
No! Chargers may look alike but that does not mean they are designed the same.  Only use the charger that came with your Back-Tek or you will risk a hazardous condition where your battery can ignite or explode.  Contact the manufacturer for a replacement instead.


The green on/off LED on my battery case flashes one time when I turn the battery pack on.  What is wrong?
Nothing – this is normal and occurs because the battery pack is not yet plugged into the Back-Tek.


The outside of my Back-Tek is getting warm?
Some residual heat may warm the back side slightly.


My battery pack is getting warm?
At times the battery may feel warm to touch when in use or charging.


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